odsts are highly trained super units that are better than marines in any way on the battlefield,some odst units have a platoon leader that weilds the ssm-he 41 rocket launcher. the other units weild ma5s or m7s and the commonly known weapon the br55.odsts are also known as HELLJUMPERS because of the high orbit jump from in drop pods.each odst has different units in their team. there is the heavy weapons specialist,and the stealthy type,also the close quarters person and the sniper +the all battle operations odst unit.some odst prefer to use the combat knife on their enemies,a known odst who used his knife was buck,in a scene where a brute chieftain hammered romeo on the chest,luckily buck stabbed the brute in the neck.odsts can be commanded in halo wars, but will start out as marines and need to be upgraded by using supply pads and three reactors.

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