Gold hunter
hunters are seen as shock troopers to the unsc,but to the covenant they are equipment to deploy across enemy lines.hunters are very agressive to their foes and never show fear when they come across death.hunters are also brilliant and never act foolishly,typicly covenant forces move out of the way when they are deployed via a phantom dropship.hunters were first discovered by the elites,the elites were shocked when they found out that the hunters were eating the relics
in their planet te.elites brutaly started a war against the hunters,but try as they might, the worms attacked at encredible speed,the elites threatened to glass their planets,this was called the taming of the hunters,the worms decided to join the covenant.hunters are the strongest units in the covenant,they are fast and detect you 1000 meters away in halo games,these creatures cannot be infected by the flood,because they dont have calcium in their bodies.

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