Elite combat
the elites are proud warriors of the covenant,they are fearless and laugh at the face of death.elites homeworld is named sanghelios,and is a harsh world ,though the enviroment is a prototype of earth.the elites live by the code of honor.conflict.solution.salvation.elites were covenant loyalist,until brutes were sent to murder them all.they are now covenant sepretist because of the understanding of the flood,and because of the great journey.the most famous elite that is notable,is thel'vadam(arbiter).his actions made the course of the elites to change their ways from the covenant.the elites also have a legendary hatred towards brutes,arbiter doesn't seem to hate brutes,because in halo 2 he tried reasoning with tatarus,but he was forced to kill him anyway.
there were heretic elites on a mining facility in orbit above threshold.the elites seem to get courage when arbiter comes to their aid.ever since chief killed legions of elites,they moniker him as the demon.

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